Divisional Secretary

AG Sir1 Name Mr.G.P.S.J De Soyza
Work history
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary - Horowpathana.
  • Divisional Secretary – Padhawiya
  • Divisional Secretary – Kahatagasdigiliya.
  • Divisional Secretary –Polpithigama
  • Divisional Secretary –Rasnayekapura.
  • Divisional Secretary - Kuliyapitiya West

Assistant Divisional Secretary

  Name  Mrs.H.S.C.L.Sandarathna
Work history
  • Assistant labour commisioner,Department of labour
  • Assistant Divisional secretariat office,Weerambugedara
  • Assistant Divisional secretariat office,Panduwasnuwara East


  Name Mrs.B.M.H.Balasooriya
work History
  • Divisional secretariat office,Mundelama
  • Divisional secretariat office,Mahawewa
  • District base hospital,Kuliyapitiya

Assistant Director (Planning)

  Untitled Name Mrs. R.P.N. Champika
work History
  • Development Officer - North Wesern Dry Zone Participatory Development Project
  • Development Officer - Planing Implimentation Ministry, Colombo.
  • Development Officer - North western Area Development Ministry, Kurunegala.
  • Development Officer - Infrastructure Development Ministry, Kurunegala.
  • Development Officer - Divisional Seretariat, Kuliyapitiya East.
  • Assistant Director (Planing) - Divisional Seretariat, Kuliyapitiya East.

Administrative Officer

   Name  Mr.R.M.N.Rathnayaka
work History
  •  Divisional secretariat office Panduwasnuwara East

Administrative Officer (Grama Niladhari)

  Name Mr.B.M.J.Basnayaka
work History
  •  Divisional secretariat office Panduwasnuwara East


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Protection against corona virus

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